Zara inspiration 2

Hello guys,
I hope you had a great Easter time.Today I want to present you this outfit inspired by Zara.The last time when I posted ‘Zara inspiration’ I saw that a lot of you guys liked that post so here is ‘Zara inspiration 2’.
The clutch,shoes and the pants are by ZARA. I really like their collections ( I think I’ve already mentioned that Zara is one of my favorite labels).I hope you like it :)
Ich hoffe ihr hattet schöne Osterzeit. Ich möchte euch heute dieses von Zara inspiriertes Outfit vorstellen
Letzes mal ,als ich die Post  ‘ Zara inspiration’ veröffentlich habe,habe ich gemerkt dass es vielen von euch sehr gefallen hat,und dass die Post die meisten Klicks überhapt erhalten hat.Und so habe ich beschlossen ‘ Zara inspiration 2’ zu veröffentlichen. Ich bin ein sehr grosser Zara-fan( was ich auch schon mal erwähnt habe) und ich mag die Kollektionen sehr. Ich hoffe es gefaält euch :) 

Thanks for reading!
Jacket: D & G
T-Shirt: Benetton
Clutch,Pants & Shoes: Zara
 Sunglasses: Sunglassesshop

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  1. Gorgeous look! I’m your newest follower. You visited my blog a while ago and I must apologize for taking so long to reply. Hope we can keep in touch. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Your photos are amazing! You definitely pull off those yellow pants.

    So of course I’m following now on Bloglovin and GFC!

  3. You look so beautiful!! Amazing outfit!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!! I follow you via bloglovin and GFC!
    Hope you follow me back!:)


  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I followed you via GFC. I hope you would follow me back :)
    And btw, your outfit is perfect! I love you hair and your sunnies and your pants!!! <3


  5. Zara is a great inspiration source, sometimes a bit expensive if you wanto to get something from there. But I like it, the most of the clothes of my closet are from Zara and the other main Inditex group shops.
    I love yellow pants, i need some yellow for this spring, and i love the mix between yellow and black.
    i follow you from now, you have a cut blog and you make a great job on it.

  6. Love this look over all. My fave is your bright yellow pants perfect color for spring and transitioning from winter, you’re like a big ball of sunshine in those pants. I love the clutch, just wish it was bigger, it almost looks like a sunglasses case. And I love your hair in this did you lighten it or is it the light. Keep up the good work.

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