Hello sweeties,
I hope everything is going well :) Did you already bought some Christmas presents?
Well,I did.Only one more week and then…holidaaays :))
I’m so excided of the holidays, there are so many things to do in those 3 weeks
I’m looking forward to show you the some great post
I wish you a great week :)
Hallo ihr Lieben,
Ich hoffe,dass es euch gut geht :) Habt ihr schon Weihnachtsgeschenke gekauft?
Also ich hab schon ein paar gekauft.Nur noch eine Woche Schule
und dann habe ich endlich Ferien :)hihi
Ich freue mich so sehr darauf.Es sind so viele Dinge zu erledigen,
und ich hoffe, dass ich euch neue und schoene Posts zeigen kann.
Ich wuensche euch eine schoene Woche :)  

Thanks for reading!
Jacket: Moncler
Bag: Mui Mui
Shoes: Ugg
Pants and sweater: H&M

0 thoughts on “winter,winter”

  1. You look fab dear! I also look forward to the holidays!
    Weeee! :)
    Happy weekend! Hope you can also visit me again dear! :)

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  2. great look- i love your sweater and the cute beanie. ive already done all of my christmas shopping- i actually had most of mine finished in the begginning of november

  3. Amazing outfit!

    I like your blog a lot!

    Please check out mine.

    Would you like to follow each other?



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