Varicolored Outfit

Hello lovelies!
How are you doing? I don’t know what’s about you(and where do you live) but in almost all European countries it’s snowing, and I still cannot get used to the snow.You know, I’m not saying that I don’t like snow and winter,of course it looks fabulous, but I just have no idea how to dress.It’s hard to decide if you wanna look good but to freeze,or not to freeze but to look like a bear, while wearing 2 tops and 3 sweaters under my coat.That’s the reason why I don’t like the minus temperatures.
Those pictures,as you can see, were taken before it started to snow.
I dressed varicolored.To my mind colours are in winter an antidepressant drug.Everything outside is 
white and grey so I decided to dress with this orange sweater by Benetton. To this ,the printed pans by primark which I bought a couple of months ago.Do you like it :)?
Wish you a great and successful week!
Hallo ihr Lieben.
Alles klar bei euch?Ich weiss nicht wie es euch geht,aber ich kann mich immer noch nicht dran gewoehnen,dass ueberall Schnee liegt.Ich sag ja nicht,ich kein Schnee oder Winter mag,es sieht echt fabelhaft aus,vor allem,wenn man morgens aufsteht und man aus dem Fenster guckt und alles mit Schnee bedeckt wurde.Dennoch mag ich es nicht,wenn ich mich entscheiden muss,oder ich mich 
gut anziehen soll und dabei frieren oder nicht frieren und dafuer mich so dick ankleiden,dass ich wie ein kuschelbaer aussehe,da ich 10 Sachen unter meiner Jacke an habe.Diese Bilder wurden aufgenommen,bevor es anfing zu schneien. Ich habe mich sehr bunt angezogen,da ich finde ,dass Farben eine sehr positive Wirkung auf meine Laune haben.Ich mag es nicht,wenn draußen alles grau ist und ich mich noch eintönig anziehe.Ich hoffe es gefaellt euch :)
 Ich wuensche euch eine schöne Woche!

Thanks for reading!
Sweater: Benetton
Pants: Primark
Shoes: Buffalo
Shirt: Stefanel
Coat: H & M

0 thoughts on “Varicolored Outfit”

  1. I have the same problem in winter.I wish it was summer or at least spring all year, but what can we do…snow has it’s charm too…in small quantities :))
    Love your outfit!It makes me forget that is winter outside

  2. Lovely colors dear! Even if there are different colors, styles, and prints; it looks great the way you mixed and matched it. :) Pretty smile to top that too! :)

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  3. Love everything! Especially the pop of tango you used here with the floral pants, excellent style :) And the snow isn’t that bad, except if you ever want to wear any sort of cute shoes

  4. I love your outfit! And tge photos are great, too. You look lovely. :)

    I live in the Philippines, it’s a tropical country and of course, it doesnt snow here. I’d love to experience snow, too. Everyone I know who experiences snow says that it’s not really always a good thing, but still, I want to snow here even just once. Lol

  5. Ohh your pants!!!!!!!! i love them! and your boots !! i love this outfit because even in winter it looks colorful and yet elegant! great job!
    I’m already following your blog, I like all your posts they have great content :) I invite you to follow me too if you like, will coming back looking what’s new up here.

    Kisses from Mexico

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