On the river Main :)

Hey everyone,
the day was so hot in Frankfurt,
almost 30 degrees.I spend some hours on walking on the river with my friend.
After this I had a performance with my hip hop crew.It was a kind of street dance performance and it was a lot of fun but it was so hot that I was happy when we have finished. So I hope you have a great weekend too :)

                                                                  Thanks for reading !:)

Clutch:H & M
Sunglasses:Ray Ban

0 thoughts on “On the river Main :)”

  1. Hi Silvi, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Of course we can Follow Each other…. I am following you now! Please follow back! Danke!
    I like your blog, you have great style; I especially like the pictures you take of your surroundings.. I miss Germany very much and love to see pics! Oh! I love your shoes and tee in this post!



  2. you have hip hop crew? :) that is sooo awesome!
    love your wedges!
    sure we can follow each other. i’m now following you on bloglovin’ (i can’t see GFC.. let me know if it exist on your blog :) )


  3. Hey, Silvi!
    Thanks a lot for your compliment on my blog and for giving me the chance to discover yours, which is very enjoyable and inspiring! I absolutely value fashion sense and attitude, and you sure have both, girl! Keep growing that life&style passion! You have a long way to go…
    BTW, I’ve so fallen for this ensemble: each piece is gorgeous, but even better it’s the way you carry it all off.
    Oh!, and I’m a hip-hop buff, too!
    Following you now via Bloglovin, and I’ll be thrilled to have you among my followers via GFC, as well!
    XOXO, María José

  4. Hello Silvi, loved to meet your blog and thanks for your visit! You have amazing photos and great style. 😀 I’m now following you thru bloglovin, hope you follow me too! 😉

    Have a sunny day,

  5. Danke dir!
    Klar, würd ich mich über gegenseitiges Verfolgen freuen!
    Bin schon deine neue Leserin geworden. :)


  6. Wow, what beautiful photos! Love your clutch!
    And thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Yes, of course I would like to follow each other!! I’m starting now and look forward to you following back!

  7. Very cute outfit! I’ve always been inspired by the padlocks on the bridges and walls! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog, I’m glad you liked my outfit! I just wanted to let you know that I am giving away a Cuddles the Hedgehog necklace from Sphere of Life on my blog right now! It’s absolutely adorable and it’s as easy as a Twitter entry! Hopefully you might want to enter :) :)


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