I love my life stage

I love my life stage
Life gives us much, but sometimes it also deprives of much. Do you know what’s the meaning?
Okay, I want to say something about the rendition and deprivation.
In our life, I think we can get something. When we come into the world, we can have our dear mother and father, and also some family members. They play an important role in our life. With the growth of us, we can know more about the wonderful world. We know we need to study many things about how to live in the world. Also we must go to work, so we can earn money, and we live in our own life. At the same time, when we become old enough, we will also have our own children.
At the same time, we also are losing some thing in our life. At our childhood, we can think more wonderful thing, such as we hope that I can be a super star and have much money. With the slow growth, we have lost the right of dreaming. I think it’s very lamentable.
Life always have two aspects. So I think we should learn how to change our life style. Like me, I know the difficult of life. But I can live very well in the life stage. Can you?
I am a girl, but I can do my work well. The most important point that I have a hobby in my life. I think the hobby is the belief in our life. And this is my living propulsion.
You must are curious about my hobby. Actually, my hobby is shopping. I like shopping in the online shop. But I can’t spend much time to do this.  Also, I am a fan of beautiful dresses. I like collect the different dresses from the online shops, especially street fashion. This is interesting what life provide me.
The dress below Romwe Women’s Galaxy Printed Backless Shift Dress is one of my favorite dresses right now. I’m mad about new prints. My rule is to never be afraid of trying new things out. 
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And their mode of delivery is Fedex/DHL; the speed is very fast, you can get you dress during 7 days. 

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  1. Great post dear! And I love Romwe items! This dress is awesome!!! :)

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  2. wow I’m so agree with your words, but i think we should keep dreaming so we can reach out dreams in our life :))
    By the way nice galaxy dress, i love the prints too <3
    Im following you now, hope you will follow me back, kisses <3

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