Hey guys,
First of all I want to introduce my self.I’m a student living in Frankfurt(Germany), addicted to new clothes,shoes,bags and delicious food.This is my first blog and I actually had now idea what to post first.So I decided to post some goodies,which I really love.So I hope you enjoy.

 One of my favorite nail lacquer
I love this Chanel cream.

I love my mum <3
My new eyeshadow palette.
I love them <3

0 thoughts on “Goodies”

  1. Danke für deinen süßen Kommentar, vielleicht wirst du ja Verfolgerin?
    Ich habe deinen Blog nun auf jeden Fall im Blick! :)

  2. Hi sweety!!

    Welcome to blogger world!!! I’m new too =)
    Thank you for your coment!
    I follow you!!!!

    Viel glück mit blog=)!


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