In Black

Hello everyone,
today I decided to dress in black because of the bad weather in Germany.
For my second shooting I decided to go to a famous shopping center in Frankfurt.
So I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)
Thank you for reading =)
 Pants: Zara
Jacket: Benetton
Waistcoat: I don’t know
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Joop
Bag: Gucci
Watch: DKNY

Yellow Jacket

Hello everyone,today I had a photoshooting with my best friend.I hope you like the pictures.This is our first shooting together and I know we have to practise ,but I think the pics are quiet good :)

Thank you so much for reading!

Top: by Second Female


Hey guys,
First of all I want to introduce my self.I’m a student living in Frankfurt(Germany), addicted to new clothes,shoes,bags and delicious food.This is my first blog and I actually had now idea what to post first.So I decided to post some goodies,which I really love.So I hope you enjoy.

 One of my favorite nail lacquer
I love this Chanel cream.

I love my mum <3
My new eyeshadow palette.
I love them <3