Birthday feelings

Hey guys,
After some posts without pictures of me , it’s time for a new outfit. Today is my birthday actually :)
but I don’t think that I’m going to publish pictures of this day. Well it’s monday and I’m not going to celebrate my birthday at all. I’m just going to have a dinner with my family.Probably I’m gonna celebrate at the end of the week.I like having birthday you receive so many nice wishes and nice gifts.It’s soo cool (hihi).However I’m not going to post any pictures of my birthday and therefor I decided to post these pictures taken last week.The whole look is by Zara except of the bag which is by Miu Miu und the shoes by Gucci.
I hope you like it.Wish you an amazing week!
Nach ein paar Posts ohne Bilder ist es Zeit fuer ein neuer Look. Heute ist eigentlich mein Geburtstag :)
da wir aber Motag haben,werde ich heute nicht gross feiern,sondern wenn schon erst am Wochenende.Ich mag es Geburtstag zu haben,man bekommt Geschenke und tolle Geburtstagswuensche :).Wie dem auch sei,werde ich von meinem Geburtstag keine Bilder veroeffentlichen,deshalb hab ich mich entschieden diese hier,die letzte Woche ausgenommen wurden,zu veroeffentlichen. Das komplete Outfit ist von Zara ausser die Tasche die von Miu Mui und die Schuhe die von Gucci sind. Ich hoffe,dass es euch gefaellt. Ich wuensche euch eine schoene Woche! 

Thanks for reading!
Pants,Jacket & Sweater: Zara
Shoes: Gucci
Bag: Miu Miu
Sunnies: Sunglassesshop

Making the most of stripes

When it comes to fashion, stripes really can be a girl’s best friend. Not only do they generally look funky and cool, but they can also be deployed as a secret weapon to flatter your figure. However, on the flip side of the coin, they could also make you look rather less than your best if you don’t wear them in the right way. You need to know just how to use stripes for best results – and the results can be seriously stylish. What you need to remember is that horizontal stripes tend to make things look wider, so you might want to avoid using them around your waist. Vertical stripes have the effect of making your body look longer and slimmer, so they’re generally reliably flattering. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should remember.

Obviously, a wide range of clothes come in stripy patterns, and each will need to be considered in its own unique right. Striped jackets can work well, but you should be wary of overdoing it. If you do decide to wear a stripy jacket, make sure you wear it in a pretty understated way as this generally looks classier. You might be tempted to really go to town on the colours, but something a little subtler could work really well. Partner your striped jacket with a neutral-colored top – or maybe you could go with a blue shirt, blue jeans and blue shoes. Either way you should look cool and classy.
Striped pants are a particularly risky area, so you need to tread carefully if you’re going to wear them. Get the balance wrong, and you could end up looking, well, rather larger than you might have anticipated. Pair your striped pants with a dark, solid top – maybe brown or black – as this should help avoid the potential pitfall of making your backside look wider than it needs to. It’s worth remembering that if you’re generally generously-proportioned in that department, it might be wise to simply avoid horizontal stripes altogether.
Adding a pair of striped shoes to your outfit could work really well. Stripy shoes are generally quirky and fun, and could add a playful touch to a solid-coloured outfit. If you’re thinking of wearing them with jeans, perhaps you could partner them with a cool blue shirt. If you are going to wear striped shoes, then it’s a good idea to draw attention to them. Patterned or otherwise gaudy clothing can distract attention from your shoes, so it might be best avoided.
There are also a number of stripy accessories you can deploy to add a touch of fun to your outfit. It’s best to avoid wearing more than one striped item at a time, otherwise the impact might be lost a bit. It’s a good idea to ensure your striped items are partnered with a solid-coloured outfit, so don’t overdo things. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun to experiment – you shouldn’t be afraid to play around until you find the right combination.
Author bio
This post was contributed by Olivia Golding. She’s as aspiring writer with an especially keen interest in all things fashion. She likes to connect with bloggers to see what they’re doing with the current trends, and hopefully to get some style inspiration. She hopes to one day have her own blog, but not until she’s made a better name for herself! She absolutely cannot wait for summer. She thinks you can experiment a lot more when the weather’s being kind. Crop tops, hot pants, tank tops and especially women’s swimwear at Missguided. To be able to flaunt my summer clothing at a festival! She’s going to stop babbling now, but sincerely hopes you enjoyed her post!

How to become sexy with leggings

Hey ladies,
Tights and leggings are two very similar types of clothing. Both are very tight, form-fitting pants, often worn under another piece of clothing such as a dress, skirt, or even jeans. There are some differences between tights and leggings that may make them more suited for one style over another.

The first difference between tights and leggings is the material used to make them. As a general rule, tights are slightly thinner than leggings, and are not intended to be worn alone. Leggings are made of thicker material, and though it is not often recommended in fashion, they may be worn alone and are often used for working out. Tights may also be made of thicker material, however, and once worn with a dress and boots, can be impossible to tell apart from leggings.

The next difference in tights and leggings is length. Tights generally stretch over the feet and all the way up to the waist, entirely covering the legs. Leggings usually end at the ankles, and do not normally cover the feet. Leggings may come in varying lengths, from knee-length or Capri-length leggings all the way up to pant-length leggings. For this reason, tights are often worn in the winter for warmth, whereas leggings may be worn during virtually any season, even with open-toed shoes.

Sexy leggings can give you different feelings of wearing. Leggings are not pant but it can be as pants. Romwe Women’s Color Block Melting Ice Cream Print Dacron Leggings is one of special leggings, and it can give your sexy figure. The leggings are designed by the four colors and it is suitable for spring and summer. At the same time, the beautiful color can give you a good sense of youth. And the leggings can match with any clothes because of the colorful pattern. Do you think the leggings like the ice-cream?
Young girls, do you want to decorate yourself with fashionable leggings? Try this legging without hesitation.

Ars habitandi

Hallo ihr Lieben,
Ich hoffe ihr hattet ein schoenes Wochenende. Heute wuerde euch gerne ein paar Sachen zeigen, die ich neulich von Arshabitandi erhalten habe. Auf der Internetseite findet man tolle innovative Sachen in bereichen wie Wellness,Office Technik,Wohnen etc. Ebenso findet man ausgefallene Geschenke, die in verschiedene Kategorien aufgeteilt sind. 
Hier werde ich euch, die ein paar coole Produkte zeigen. Ich hoffe ihr findet etwas cooles 😉
Eine schoene Woche wuensche ich euch!
Das Anti Zicken Spray finde ichh echt cool .Es ist ein Raumspray, der nach Lavendel riecht.Sehr angenehm 

Eine sehr schoene Handcreme,die sehr gut riecht. 

Ich bin total in dem Duft verliebt, der die Seife hinterlaesst. Sehr angenehm.

Ein paar sehr niedliche Ohmmm Räucherstaebchen für die 5-Minuten-Entspannung zwischendurch.


Hallo ihr Lieben,
Ich hoffe ihr geniesst das schoene Wetter.Haben schliesslich lange darauf gewartet :). Heute moechte ich euch dieses Fruehlingsoutfit praesentieren. Dieser Look besteht aus ein Trenchcoat,den ich vor einem Jahr bei H & M gefunden hab, schwarze Hose + Schuhe. Sie habe ich mit einem Oberteil von Modstrom und einem Massimo Dutti Schal kombiniert. Dazu habe ich noch meine neue Brille von SXUC die ich von Sunglassesshop erhalten habe. Ich habe euch schon mal von der Webseite berichtet und dass ich mir schon mal dort etwas bestellt habe. Sie haben tolle Pilotenbrillen, die ein ‘muss’ sind. Beispielsweise von Ray Ban,Gucci & Carrera haben sie eine grosse Auswahl von den sogenannten Aviator Brillen. Ausserdem bieten sie andere tolle Modelle wie z.B die mit dem Wayfarer-Ramen. ebenso von vielen Marken wie Marc by Marc Jacobs,Oakley & Celine. 
Hope you have a nice week and enjoy the amazing whether ( at least in Germany). We took these pictures last week and the weather wasn’t as good as now. However … to this kinda classy look I added my new SXUC sunglasses which I received from sunglassesshop. I’ve already told about this great website where you can order great sunglasses like aviator and wayfarer ones by a lot of great and qualitative brands like Ray Ban and Tom Ford. I hope you can find something interesting.

Thanks for reading!
Shirt :Modstrom
Scarf: Massimo Dutti
Coat & Pants : H & M
Sunnies : Sunglassesshop
Shoes : Zara
Necklace: Swarowski

Happy 1st Birthday Viewrama!

Today is Viewrama’s first birthday. To be honest I cannot believe that one year passed. At the beginning I wasn’t really into blogging, but now it became a part of my life. I really enjoy it.I enjoy sharing  my passion about fashion and style with you. I’m always looking forward to reading your comments and e mails. 
Now I want to thank my friends and my family who always believed in me and supported me during this first year. Thank you!
 I wish this year will be more successful and innovative,full of new ideas and outfits!
Heute is Viewrama’s erster Geburtstag. Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich am Anfang nicht so viele Posts veroeffentlicht,aber mittlerweile ist es ein Teil meines Lebens geworden  und ich geniesse es sehr.Ich geniesse es meine Leidenschaft fuer Mode mit euch zu teilen.Ich danke euch fuer die tollen Kommentare und Emails ,die mich immer wieder aufmuntern weiter zu machen. An dieser Stelle muss ich mich herzlich an meiner Familie und Freunde bedanken ,die immer an das geglaubt haben,was ich getan habe,und sie mich immer  unterstuetzt haben. Danke! Ich haette es ohne euch und eure Hilfe nicht soweit geschafft.
Ich wuensche mir, dass das kommende Jahr erfolgreicher und inovativer wird, sodass ich euch weiter hin neue Outfits zeigen kann .

Plus Size Style Tips: Choosing Leggings

 Hello sweeties, 

Leggings are back into fashion, becoming essential for chilly days. Choosing leggings smartly will keep you looking fashionable when you have a plus size figure.

Leggings can be very comfortable and versatile when it comes to styling. If you like leggings don’t be afraid to wear them. It may be true that leggings outline the body, showing each and every contour you have, so if you have a curvier figure, they can be tricky to wear. However, there are some tips women can use to feel trendy and confident wearing plus size leggings.
Fabric is a best point for choosing leggings:
when purchasing plus size leggings you need to pay special attention to the quality and the opaqueness of the fabric. It is important to find leggings that are both durable and affordable, particularly if you wear leggings year-round. According to each season, you will need to be careful with the fabric weight, so wearing plus size leggings made of very thin fabric can have many disadvantages. You might want to go for a more expensive pair of leggings with high quality seams.

How to choose a suitable size:
As it is the case with most of women’s clothing, there is no measurement standard for plus size clothing. This means that you need to pay attention to size charts when selecting a pair of plus size leggings, specifically when purchasing online. Once you receive your order, try them on and walk around the house. If they don’t feel comfortable, they might be small.
Color can be a highlight for your correct leggings
Choose plus size leggings in dark, neutral colors, which you can match to the dress, skirt, or long tunic under which you wear them. Strong dark colors have a slimming effect, and along with the thick fabric will give your legs a smooth look. Black, as everyone knows, enables you to look leaner and elegant. Steer clear off showy light colors and avoid prints, as they can make you appear shorter.
Be confidence with your leggings
Although is not something you can purchase anywhere, confidence may be the best accessory to go with your plus size leggings look. Remember to always stand up straight, hold your chin up high and smile with confidence. It will make you shine and look fabulous.

Thanks for reading!

Black White Stripes

Hello beauties,
To begin of spring I would love to present you my stripes-shopping-list. This spring are stripes ‘In’. Not just stripes but especially the black-white stripes. Therefor I created this list with a large variety of striped clothes ,with links to the current shops where you can buy them online. I hope you can find something interesting.Remember stripes are ‘must’ this spring 😉
Hallo ihr Lieben,
Zum Frühlingsbeginn würde ich euch gerne meine Stripes-Shopping- Liste präsentieren. Dieses Frühling sind Streifen,vor allem die Schwarz-Weiss Streifen, sehr ‘In’. deshalb habe ich für euch diese Liste zusammengestellt.Ich habe viele verschiedene Kleidungsstücke ausgesucht und die jeweilligen Links dazu geschrieben,damit ihr leicht etwas online kaufen könnt, falls euch etwas gefällt. 

Olive green Shirt

Hello guys,
Hope you are doing good. For this look I dressed up with an olive green shirt and my warm vest.
A very simple and casual outfit. As an accessory I used my new necklace with the name of the blog.
I ordered it on Meinenameskette. I think it is the perfect birthday present. You can choose the design of the necklace and of course the name.:)
P.s. 10 % sale discount code (VIEWRAMA) when you order a necklace.
Hallo :)
Ich hoffe euch geht´s gut. Für den heutigen Look habe ich ein olivenfarbiges Hemd und dazu 
meine warme Weste angezogen. Als Accessoire habe ich meine neue Kette ,die ich bei  Meinenamenskette bestellt habe. Man kann auf der Seite seine persöhnliche Kette bestellen ,den Design aussuchen und natuerlich den Namen,den man drauf haben möchte. Es ist meiner Meinung nach ein sehr schönes Gescheck,den man jemanden machen könnte. Schaut euch die Seite an,bestimmt findet ihr etwas schönes. :)
P.s. Hier ist ein Rabatt-Code (VIEWRAMA)mit dem ihr 10 % beim Kauf einer Kette sparen koennt. 

Thanks for reading!
Shoes: Gucci
Pants: Zara
Shirt: Primark
Bracelet: Salvatore Ferragamo

Zara inspiration 2

Hello guys,
I hope you had a great Easter time.Today I want to present you this outfit inspired by Zara.The last time when I posted ‘Zara inspiration’ I saw that a lot of you guys liked that post so here is ‘Zara inspiration 2’.
The clutch,shoes and the pants are by ZARA. I really like their collections ( I think I’ve already mentioned that Zara is one of my favorite labels).I hope you like it :)
Ich hoffe ihr hattet schöne Osterzeit. Ich möchte euch heute dieses von Zara inspiriertes Outfit vorstellen
Letzes mal ,als ich die Post  ‘ Zara inspiration’ veröffentlich habe,habe ich gemerkt dass es vielen von euch sehr gefallen hat,und dass die Post die meisten Klicks überhapt erhalten hat.Und so habe ich beschlossen ‘ Zara inspiration 2’ zu veröffentlichen. Ich bin ein sehr grosser Zara-fan( was ich auch schon mal erwähnt habe) und ich mag die Kollektionen sehr. Ich hoffe es gefaält euch :) 

Thanks for reading!
Jacket: D & G
T-Shirt: Benetton
Clutch,Pants & Shoes: Zara
 Sunglasses: Sunglassesshop